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We have a dream to be the Premier Agency to Facilitate the Sustainable Generation of Green and Quality power for the People of the State through Renewable and New energy sources and Conserve the Environment by Promoting the Energy Conservation measures and devices in the State.


Humanity has been utilizing natural sources of energy in some form since its existence to meet its energy requirements. The burning of biomass for lighting & heating has been in practice since ages. Solar energy has been used for drying and heating. Wind energy has been used to sail boats. Energy stored in flowing water has been used through watermills for micro scale industrial applications. During 19th century when energy sources such as petroleum products came into existence, the use of renewable energy sources declined. With the global oil crises of 1973 & 1979-80, the world was motivated for adopting renewables to supplement the energy requirements. Also another motivating factor has been the predicted reduced availability of petroleum products in future.








For Solar Power Generator of various capacity i.e. 500watt, 1000 watt, 1500 watt, 2000 watt,2500 watt 3000 watt, 4000 watt, 5000 watt ,8000 watt ,10000 with battery back up

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For Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning including 5 years Operation ,Comprehensive Warranty and Maintenance of Grid Connected Rooftop Solar Photovoltaic Power Plants in various Districts in the State of Uttar Pradesh

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Salary Statement for Project Offices


Regarding Suggestions During Stake Holders Meet for discussion on Draft Polity on Biomass, Waste to energy, Wind Energy policy-2015 organised by UPNEDA, dated on 28-04-15    


Regarding Suggestions During Stake Holders Meet for Solar Street Lights and Solar Power Packs Systems held on 29-04-15


Short Term Tender notice & document for  catering service at UPNEDA training centre chinhat, Lucknow




Response to queries raised during prebid meet for procurement of 215 MW solar Power


Corrigendum for RfP for procurement of 215 MW Solar Power date extended


 Amended RFP Document for procurement of 215 MW Solar Power from Grid connect Solar Power  Projects


Bid notice for procurement of 215 MW Solar Power from Grid connect Solar Power Projects


Tender Notice & Document for supply of Stationary and Computer stationary/Consumables


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